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Weight Loss Tips That Work for Women

4 Apr

Attention Women! Need some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off? Our tips for weight loss are specifically designed for women and how their systems work.
Some women by nature are figure conscious. According to a new National survey released recently by the Caloric Control Council, more than 186 million American Adults or eight out of ten women and men age 18 and older, are conscious of their weight. Five out of ten (54%) want to reduce their weight.

Among the strategies employed by those who wish to lose weight, are exercising, they also consume low sugar products without chemicals and restrict the size of their meal portions.
According to researchers, 28% of Americans are determined to control and or maintain their weight status. We know that Americans, in general, are overweight from practically the crib into adulthood, causing a series of severe health issues from onset-type 2 diabetes, to heart problems, hypertension, arthritis, knees, hips, back issues and other illness to name a few.
When we look at countries where people eat fresh organic foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, yogurt, fish, we are sure to notice that they live to a ripe old age and in pretty good health. They work hard, which means they keep pretty physically active and we can’t help but notice that they are thin and they live longer than those of us who are consuming our Western diet daily. With so much at risk, we have to maintain a normal body mass weight.
We know that in order to lose weight, we must consume fewer Calories daily. This is a simple process if we learn how it works. We first need to learn what our caloric intake should be based on our sex, weight, height and physical fitness. Next, we reduce our calories by 500 and we increase our physical activity, pretty soon we should start seeing positive results. Another way is to eat several small portions several times a day, approximately every three hours, being careful not to over-eat, just because we are consuming small quantities.
Even when we do not want to, we should always have breakfast; this is considered the most important meal of your day. It helps jumps start your metabolism. Avoid late night eating and then either sitting to watch TV or going to sleep. Go for a walk instead around your neighborhood with either family members, neighbors or even your dog.
By drinking plenty of water it will keep you hydrated. Our bodies are mostly water; we need it to replenish what we lose. Stay away from sugary drinks or sodas.
A weight control plan should include, having a low fat calorie diet, with plenty of vegetables, fruits and nuts. We know that there is no rule across the board, since this depends on your age, height, and weight, but whatever you do, do not go into starvation mode. Losing weight does not mean that you should stop eating your favorite foods altogether (well, that depends on what your favorite foods consist of) but eat them in moderation.
Some women have little difficulty with their weight, usually because they are very active, exercise frequently, and they have a fast metabolism; they also eat in a healthy manner. But as we grow older, our metabolism slows down and if we are not careful, together with menopause, we start gaining weight.
As already mentioned, obesity never comes alone, it contributes to depression in some, psychological changes, and frustration. You can lose weight in a planned manner, losing weight too fast is also not healthy, remember that you did not gain this weight overnight, so you should not expect to lose the weight overnight.


Tips for Stomach Fat Loss

4 Apr

Fat especially belly fat must be burned up, otherwise it’s going to settle around ones midsection. By decreasing the amount of “bad” foods and increasing the presence of natural foods in one’s diet, as well as regularly exercising, one can accomplish the goal given enough patience and determination.

1. Adding more fiber to the diet is another great way to lose stomach fat fast. However, be sure to increase the intake of fiber rich foods slowly, as your digestive system can take time to adapt to a high fiber diet. Foods that are known to be good sources of fiber are, whole grains, whole wheat foods, brown rice, oatmeal, oat bran, quinoa and fruits and vegetables.
2. Some carbohydrates are good for you and will not interfere with weight loss. These include vegetables, fruit, rice and oats. Foods containing refined flour, like bread, pasta and cake, should be avoided. The body has difficulty processing large amounts of carbohydrates, which slows the metabolism. Excess carbohydrates are converted to sugar, which, if not burned off through exercise, contributes largely to stomach fat.
3. Eating mostly vegetables is the most effective way to control your caloric intake, and the good news is that they are less expensive than some of the gimmicks I have seen in the marketplace. Vegetables, raw fruits and whole grains are naturally high in fiber and very low in fat. Weight watchers will need to understand that you are not to add any fat, such as butter or margarine nor any salt that will cause you to retain water. Now I can hear those of you grumbling about how you hate to eat bland vegetables.
4. Try to eat something every 3 hours. I know you’re busy and you think you don’t have time to eat so often. But you do and you must. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll eat a big meal every 3 hours. Having a piece of fruit with some almonds between breakfast and lunch counts as a meal.
5. Opting for low-fat or low-calorie foods is an important part of any weight loss diet. If one’s intake of fat and calories is more than one can burn in a workout, one will not lose weight. One strategy is to eat six small meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones. This will keep one’s metabolism going and reduce one’s cravings for fatty or high-calorie foods.
6. Reduce processed foods. Cut down or cut out all together any processed foods. Anything that comes in a bag, box or can including frozen meals. Substitute them with whole natural unprocessed foods.
7. Along with the above mentioned tips for losing stomach fat, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, limit the consumption of soda and soft drinks, get enough rest or sleep and reduce the level of stress with appropriate stress management techniques. Also be sure to limit the consumption of alcohol in order to lose stomach fat fast and maintain a healthy weight.
Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on how to lose belly fat, weight loss tips.

Live Lean for Life shares with us these FINAL weight loss tips and tricks

4 Apr

If you wanted to lose weight but then you don’t where to start, by simply searching the internet you will find not just hundreds of different weight loss tips and tricks but amazingly thousands of them. These tips that you can find on the internet can either make you feel motivated about losing weight or depressed due to its hard to follow regimen or membership required websites.
If you are looking for real and free of charge weight loss tips and tricks, why don’t you read this weight loss guide shared by Live Lean For Life which is a very well known weight loss training program provider across the globe and discover these final weight loss tips and tricks. Final because you will not be looking for more weight loss tips, this guide has it all for free!

1.    Drink not less than eight glasses of water each day – instead of drinking a sweetened ice cold soda to complete your meal or just to satisfy that drying mouth, stick to drinking water and see the golden benefits of it. See that there are liquid calories such as artificial juices or sodas that can only make you fatter instead of slimmer; they are being masked by those false advertisements. Drinking water on the other hand will not give you any fats or calories, but it will help you clean and flush away those residual toxins brought about by eating unhealthy foods.
2.    Eat not 3 big meals a day but 6 small meals – this is also called the nibblers diet. It focuses more on letting your body develop a faster metabolism by eating six small meals instead of three big ones. This technique will help you eliminate junking out or after meal snacks because you will feel full and satisfied after every hour.
3.    Work out right – remember that losing weight isn’t all about dieting; exercise should also be employed to gain maximum effects. Do not just do cardio work outs all day long, try different types of exercises like weight training and aerobic exercises with weights, these variations will help melt those fats easy and effective. Enroll to trusted weight loss training programs like those being offered at Live Lean for Life because it will be a big help.
4.    Cut your calories wisely – it better to cut your calories wisely than to eliminate all sources of good food. Example, if you plan to eat 3 cookies just to take something per orem, why not take a full thick slice of wheat bread as they contain less fats and calories plus they look big on your appetite. Cut your calories wisely and do not just cut down your calories!
5.    Do not forget to reward yourself – the most common problem when it comes to losing weight is the lack of inconsistency. People will follow this routine diet but give up afterwards. Do not forget to reward yourself when a goal is achieved; just make it a point to avoid food rewards as things will be senseless.
If you wanted to be slim and sexy, do not forget to follow these tips and tricks shared by Live Lean for Life. These free tips will not fail you on losing weight so make it a point follow them wholeheartedly.

Weight Loss Tips For Toning Flabby Thighs For Women

30 Mar

For most women, the thigh area is where a lot of fat storage goes. Some women are more prone to having flabby thighs than others. That is where weight loss tips for toning flabby thighs for women can help. But, if you have flabby thighs, then you understand the embarrassment and misery that comes along with having them. The appearance of built up fat on thighs can be hideous, and no one is going to tell you that, but it is the truth.

No one likes to see it, and no one thinks that it is pleasant to look at. Furthermore, it is an indication that you are overweight. Being overweight can lead to low self-esteem, which can lead to depression. From there, more serious health problems abound. It all comes down to one thing, and that is total body weight loss. Toning flabby thighs and a total weight loss program go hand in hand. How can you go about getting rid of your flabby thighs for good?
Begin looking at what is making you fat. Your thighs is just where your body stores it’s fat, so no amount of toning exercises are going to make too much of a difference. Toning exercises will definitely serve purpose as far as toning loose muscle, but your flabby thighs won’t allow that to happen until the fat is gone. Do you drink too many soda pops? Do you eat chocolate almost everyday? Are you even the least bit physically active? We all know deep down inside what is causing us to be overweight; it is just a matter of accepting the truth.
Eating fast food everyday for lunch certainly will not do your flabby thighs any justice. Focus on elimination of your bad habits. It is simple just stop practicing them. Learn how to say, “no”. Next, think of some ways that will help you to lose weight. But, they must be healthy ways. Magic diet potions and pills can be very dangerous, and even deadly, so stay away from those. It is all about keeping it as simple as possible. Exercise is the only way to real weight loss, and even more importantly, high metabolism.
When your metabolism kicks in, it is literally like your automatic fat burning switch has been turned on. Right now as you are sitting and reading this, your fat burning switch is most likely turned off. All the while, your body is storing fat in those very noticeable places, like your thighs. If you aren’t used to exercising, then start off small. You will need to do at least 30 minutes per day ongoing physical activity. However, you do not have to do it all at one time. You might want to try breaking it up into three 10-minute sessions, or two 15-minute sessions. Whichever you can stick with the best is what will be right for you.
For toning your flabby thighs, squats are the way to go. When you perform a squat, make sure that you choose a reasonable weight that will make a difference. Let it be an amount that you can lift comfortably at least 10-12 times. For fat loss, perform your cardiovascular activity before your weight lifting sessions for better elimination of your flabby thighs.
Try not to exceed six sets per exercise to ensure that you do not overwork the muscle and cause damage. Always rest in between weight lifting workouts, and if the muscle is sore, definitely give it a few more days before working it out once more. You are going to end up with the most attractive, tight and toned thighs you could have ever imagined being a possibility if you stay consistent with your weight loss goals. You need good weight loss system that will help you to get the body you want and deserve.

8 Tips To Lose Butt Fat For Men And Women

30 Mar

People are being more concerned about ways that let them know how to lose butt fat. This is because large size buttocks is certainly an unpleasant look. If you’re looking to lose some unsightly fat off your butt, then you do not have to worry anymore as I am going to give you 8 tips on how to lose butt fat fast that’ll actually work!

1. Stand with your legs wide apart – (wider than shoulder width apart). Have your toes pointed outwards. Keep your chest out, your midsection firm and head facing frontwards. Hold a dumbbell at arms length in front of you (dumbbell should be in front of your pelvis) the other end of the dumbbell should be facing the floor. Ensure your back is straight and don’t lean too far forward. (Keep the weights light to start with) Now bending your knees squat leaning into your heels then push yourself back up again squeezing your butt and inner thighs. Make sure you don’t lift your toes up off the floor.
2. Lunges really are a challenging exercise for the reason that they work a great number of muscles at the same time. For the front leg, you’ll work the glutes and hamstrings and, for the back leg, you are going to work the calves and quads. What is nice about lunges is there are an assortment to choose from.
3. Do not diet, but do eat a healthy diet. A vegan diet with very limited processed foods will keep fat stores in check and maintain overall health. eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.
4. Cardiovascular exercises are the best form of exercises to perform. You need to make sure you are moving your body for at least thirty minutes each day.
5. Squats are among the best exercises that can be done for ones butt, hips and thighs and they are also a functional exercise, helping us build strength for numerous day to day activities. This is one of the best natural weight loss.
6. Weight train. Weight training will help you to build muscle and increase endurance and will alter your body composition, improving your muscle: fat ratio. This will help you lose butt fat.
7. Stair climbing and hiking is a sure way to lose fat in the butt quickly and the best part, it’ll be so much fun – you won’t even know it, before you get your perfect butt back.
8. Perform some form of cardiovascular exercise for overall fitness. Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day. Run, walk, swim, dance or do whatever you enjoy, but get your heart pumping and work up a sweat.
Know the importance of exercising and perform them on a regular basis. Consistency is the success to any task/goal and exercising is no exception to this fact. Your health expert or fitness trainer will guide you on the kind of exercises you should choose and practice. Cardiovascular exercises and aerobics are considered most popular by people to get their butt back into shape.
Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on natural weight loss, how to lose buttocks fat.

Top 10 Extreme Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

30 Mar

Want to lose weight fast? Tired of getting all the wrong information from all the wrong sources? Well, if you are keep reading because we’re going to be going over the top 10 extreme weight loss tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your efforts.

Most people gradually despair and start to feel that they’ll never lose weight simply because they’ve been given the wrong kind of facts, or are simply on an approach that is never going to work. These tips will help solve problems like that, and provide you with an invaluable base from which to work from, so let’s get started:
1. Eating more meals per day is good for you. But each of those meals should be smaller than a ‘regular’ meal. By consuming 5 ‘small’ meals a day as opposed to 3 ‘big’ ones, you’re more likely to feel full and thus not overeat. Also, you’re going to give your body an easier time of absorbing the energy that you gain from the food, and thus not store it as fat!
2. Try to plan your meals ahead as much as possible. That way you won’t risk being caught out and having no choice but to eat some notoriously bad and unhealthy meals that just pack on the calories.
3. Drink water as often as possible, as it will help you to stay hydrated and will also help ensure that you don’t feel ravenously hungry and end up overeating.
4. Exercise as much and as often as you can. Even something as simple as climbing the stairs to work instead of taking the lift is better than nothing, but if you can, set aside 40 minutes a day for a quick workout.
5. Set your goals and stick to them. Make sure they’re realistic goals, but challenging enough that they keep you motivated.
6. Try different types of ‘healthy’ food so that you don’t get bored of eating the same types of greens constantly. Nowadays there are a lot of options out there, so be sure to take advantage of them.
7. Combine cardiovascular exercise with weight training so that you’re better able to start toning up your body muscles, look great, and have a faster metabolism.
9. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want, but try to cut down on consuming too much fat. When eating meat, be sure to remove the skin if possible.
10. Avoid late night snacks or having ‘supper’. If you eat before you sleep, your body won’t get the chance to work off all the energy it gets and is more likely to end up storing it.
All that sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Everything said and done, weight loss really can be as simple as following these 10 tips, and they’re undoubtedly going to serve you well when you decide to put them to use.

Losing Weight The Right Way For Teens And Young Adults

29 Mar

With the pressures of society and peer pressure in college and school, many teens feel pressured to lose weight. Losing weight though should be done for the right reasons to be healthy and happy, not to be popular or overly attractive. For young people who are obese and would like to lose weight it is best to lose weight slowly and naturally. Here are some easy weight loss tips for teens that can be practiced every now and then and safe way to lose weight over time will allow for a steady and safe weight loss.

Firstly, eating slowly can help you lose weight. Many people including myself forget to chewing their meals at a great deal and instead they consume food into their stomachs too quickly. Remember nutritious food needs to be broken down into tiny bits to get all the nutrients. Take your time and chew your food. Chewing longer burns more calories as well.
Another easy weight loss tip for young adults is to ditch junk foods, donuts and candy bars. These foods are packed with way too much sodium, sugars, and calories which will increase your waistline as well as blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Replace these foods with apples, carrot sticks, or celery. Do a search online for a list of fat burning foods or negative calorie foods. There are many more great foods you can eat like broccoli, nuts, and berries that are great for burning body fat fast.
It is important to drink lots of water to speed up your metabolism. Water will not only make you thinner but it is great for the skins pores as well due to all the minerals it has. The more water you drink the healthier and happier you will be. When drinking water cut out the sodas, sweetened drinks, and milkshakes which are all loaded with calories, sugar, and fat. The added bonus of cutting those out will be all the money you save. A little caffeine never hurts though. One cup of coffee can also help the body speed up its metabolism which will in turn lead to weight loss – so choose the type of coffee you drink – the one high in sugar or low in sugar? That makes the difference.
Another simple weight loss tip for teens is it’s important to set small monthly targets and then reach them. If you are overweight it is best to try to lose 1-2 pounds a week or 4-8 pounds a month. This makes sure that you are on your way to a great weight loss and you are losing weight in a safe and healthy way.