Weight Loss Tips That Work for Women

4 Apr

Attention Women! Need some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off? Our tips for weight loss are specifically designed for women and how their systems work.
Some women by nature are figure conscious. According to a new National survey released recently by the Caloric Control Council, more than 186 million American Adults or eight out of ten women and men age 18 and older, are conscious of their weight. Five out of ten (54%) want to reduce their weight.

Among the strategies employed by those who wish to lose weight, are exercising, they also consume low sugar products without chemicals and restrict the size of their meal portions.
According to researchers, 28% of Americans are determined to control and or maintain their weight status. We know that Americans, in general, are overweight from practically the crib into adulthood, causing a series of severe health issues from onset-type 2 diabetes, to heart problems, hypertension, arthritis, knees, hips, back issues and other illness to name a few.
When we look at countries where people eat fresh organic foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, yogurt, fish, we are sure to notice that they live to a ripe old age and in pretty good health. They work hard, which means they keep pretty physically active and we can’t help but notice that they are thin and they live longer than those of us who are consuming our Western diet daily. With so much at risk, we have to maintain a normal body mass weight.
We know that in order to lose weight, we must consume fewer Calories daily. This is a simple process if we learn how it works. We first need to learn what our caloric intake should be based on our sex, weight, height and physical fitness. Next, we reduce our calories by 500 and we increase our physical activity, pretty soon we should start seeing positive results. Another way is to eat several small portions several times a day, approximately every three hours, being careful not to over-eat, just because we are consuming small quantities.
Even when we do not want to, we should always have breakfast; this is considered the most important meal of your day. It helps jumps start your metabolism. Avoid late night eating and then either sitting to watch TV or going to sleep. Go for a walk instead around your neighborhood with either family members, neighbors or even your dog.
By drinking plenty of water it will keep you hydrated. Our bodies are mostly water; we need it to replenish what we lose. Stay away from sugary drinks or sodas.
A weight control plan should include, having a low fat calorie diet, with plenty of vegetables, fruits and nuts. We know that there is no rule across the board, since this depends on your age, height, and weight, but whatever you do, do not go into starvation mode. Losing weight does not mean that you should stop eating your favorite foods altogether (well, that depends on what your favorite foods consist of) but eat them in moderation.
Some women have little difficulty with their weight, usually because they are very active, exercise frequently, and they have a fast metabolism; they also eat in a healthy manner. But as we grow older, our metabolism slows down and if we are not careful, together with menopause, we start gaining weight.
As already mentioned, obesity never comes alone, it contributes to depression in some, psychological changes, and frustration. You can lose weight in a planned manner, losing weight too fast is also not healthy, remember that you did not gain this weight overnight, so you should not expect to lose the weight overnight.


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