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Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

28 Mar

Although there are no shortcuts leading to overnight or instant weight loss, there are certain weight loss tips and tricks that have been proven effective by those who have tried it.

A – a little at a time. There is no need to avoid your favorite food when it comes to trying to lose weight. The key is to eat a little at a time. If for e.g, you are eating a full plate of nasi lemak for breakfast, reduce the rice portion to only one quarter of what you usually eat. As for the accompanying food items, look for non fried side dishes like boiled eggs and cucumbers and go slow on the sambal! In fact some weight watchers don’t even eat rice at all. Rice is actually fattening as it is pure carbohydrate with little nutritional value. Of course, if you really must have your rice, just take 2 spoonfuls of it at a time for each meal. Do it over a period of 2 to 3 months. Be persistent and patient. You will see results for sure!
B – buy that micro wave oven.or steamer. The micro wave oven is surely a ‘friend’ of all weight watchers. Just try heating up that plate of rice with chicken in the micro before you eat and you will realize the amount of fat left behind by the chicken skin! The food may not be as tasty when it comes out of the micro wave but just think of the little black dress that you are longing to fit into! Alternatively steam your food and avoid fried food as much as you can.
C – cultivate simple exercises. Do you drive to office? If so, park your car a further distance away from your office and take that 20 to 30 minutes walk. Keep your high heels in your office and wear only good walking shoes like Clarks or Scholl’s. If your mode of transport to work is by train or LRT, try to walk to the station located further away from the station nearest to your working place. The trick is to find every opportunity to walk while carrying out your daily routine.