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Weight Loss Tips That Work for Women

4 Apr

Attention Women! Need some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off? Our tips for weight loss are specifically designed for women and how their systems work.
Some women by nature are figure conscious. According to a new National survey released recently by the Caloric Control Council, more than 186 million American Adults or eight out of ten women and men age 18 and older, are conscious of their weight. Five out of ten (54%) want to reduce their weight.

Among the strategies employed by those who wish to lose weight, are exercising, they also consume low sugar products without chemicals and restrict the size of their meal portions.
According to researchers, 28% of Americans are determined to control and or maintain their weight status. We know that Americans, in general, are overweight from practically the crib into adulthood, causing a series of severe health issues from onset-type 2 diabetes, to heart problems, hypertension, arthritis, knees, hips, back issues and other illness to name a few.
When we look at countries where people eat fresh organic foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, yogurt, fish, we are sure to notice that they live to a ripe old age and in pretty good health. They work hard, which means they keep pretty physically active and we can’t help but notice that they are thin and they live longer than those of us who are consuming our Western diet daily. With so much at risk, we have to maintain a normal body mass weight.
We know that in order to lose weight, we must consume fewer Calories daily. This is a simple process if we learn how it works. We first need to learn what our caloric intake should be based on our sex, weight, height and physical fitness. Next, we reduce our calories by 500 and we increase our physical activity, pretty soon we should start seeing positive results. Another way is to eat several small portions several times a day, approximately every three hours, being careful not to over-eat, just because we are consuming small quantities.
Even when we do not want to, we should always have breakfast; this is considered the most important meal of your day. It helps jumps start your metabolism. Avoid late night eating and then either sitting to watch TV or going to sleep. Go for a walk instead around your neighborhood with either family members, neighbors or even your dog.
By drinking plenty of water it will keep you hydrated. Our bodies are mostly water; we need it to replenish what we lose. Stay away from sugary drinks or sodas.
A weight control plan should include, having a low fat calorie diet, with plenty of vegetables, fruits and nuts. We know that there is no rule across the board, since this depends on your age, height, and weight, but whatever you do, do not go into starvation mode. Losing weight does not mean that you should stop eating your favorite foods altogether (well, that depends on what your favorite foods consist of) but eat them in moderation.
Some women have little difficulty with their weight, usually because they are very active, exercise frequently, and they have a fast metabolism; they also eat in a healthy manner. But as we grow older, our metabolism slows down and if we are not careful, together with menopause, we start gaining weight.
As already mentioned, obesity never comes alone, it contributes to depression in some, psychological changes, and frustration. You can lose weight in a planned manner, losing weight too fast is also not healthy, remember that you did not gain this weight overnight, so you should not expect to lose the weight overnight.


10 Plans For Weight Loss For Women

3 Apr

Many ladies who start trying to lose weight don’t understand fat loss. The result is a lot of women starving themselves instead of losing weight in a healthy way. There are, however, 10 lessons for women’s fat loss that can keep you healthy and maximize the amount of fat you can lose.
Many women who start dieting don’t understand fat loss. The result is a lot of women wandering around, starving themselves, instead of losing weight in a healthy way. There are, however, 10 tips for women’s fat loss that can keep you healthy and maximize the amount of extra weight you can lose.

You cannot know what direction you’re going if you don’t measure and track your results. It’s the only sure way you can tweak your program and make sure it’s working for you.
Whenever a client asks me what could be going wrong with his or her fitness program, I simply ask them to take out their tracker so we can have a look. 99% of the time, they haven’t been measuring, and the other 1% I am able to fix with a couple of simple and easy tweaks.
Habits cannot be broken, only replaced. If you start by replacing one habit each month, that will be 12 new habits you’ll have replaced by 2013. All you have to do to get started is to choose a habit you’d like to replace for January.
An accountability partner works in EVERY aspect of life. If you tell someone what you’re going to do, you’re less likely to fail. Why? You won’t be just letting yourself down. You’ll be letting down the other person, too.
High-intensity training burns calories for hours after a workout, improves endurance, and improves aerobic capacity. I always add some HIIT to my week, and this is usually the one area that I tweak when I want to lose fat fast. All you need is a few 20-minute sessions and your pants size will shrink in no time.
There’s no sense in taking your time during your workout or training one muscle at a time, unless you’d like to become a light-weight bodybuilder. This was key for me and responsible for COMPLETELY shaping my body this year. Before this, my body changed at a much slower rate, and working out wasn’t near as much fun!
Plan your workouts BEFORE you workout. Don’t get stuck there trying to decide which exercise combos to do and then draw a blank because you think everyone is looking at you and wonder what you’re doing. I used to do this all the time. I thought everyone knew I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d draw a blank and hit the treadmill…so much for fat loss!
Thank goodness for Ben Pakulski. He taught me this one simple fact after telling him I seem to crash mid-afternoon. He told me to try ground beef and eggs for breakfast. I know that sounds gross, but it works and it’s really tasty. Charles Poliquin calls it “The Meat and Nut Breakfast”.
This is the biggest contributing factor when it comes to staying lean all year long. Why? Let me ask you a question: What portion of your body is made of carbohydrates? NONE. Therefore, we can only use a small amount of them before the body starts storing them.
When we have an intense workout, we not only use large amounts of energy, but we also breakdown muscle tissue, called protein breakdown. This forces our body to repair by building the muscle and making it stronger. Therefore, your after workout diet needs to replenish your glycogen levels, stop protein breakdown, and improve your body’s protein synthesis. In other words, your body needs carbohydrates and protein after exercise.
Use these 10 tips for fat loss into your life, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your best body ever! These are the same ten strategies I used to transform my body and the same strategies I use to stay lean all year.
Flavia Del Monte is a Registered Nurse, Certified Physical Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and the creator of Full-Body-Licious. You can read more about her training programs, nutrition advice and exercises for women on her female fitness blog.

Weight Loss Tips For Toning Flabby Thighs For Women

30 Mar

For most women, the thigh area is where a lot of fat storage goes. Some women are more prone to having flabby thighs than others. That is where weight loss tips for toning flabby thighs for women can help. But, if you have flabby thighs, then you understand the embarrassment and misery that comes along with having them. The appearance of built up fat on thighs can be hideous, and no one is going to tell you that, but it is the truth.

No one likes to see it, and no one thinks that it is pleasant to look at. Furthermore, it is an indication that you are overweight. Being overweight can lead to low self-esteem, which can lead to depression. From there, more serious health problems abound. It all comes down to one thing, and that is total body weight loss. Toning flabby thighs and a total weight loss program go hand in hand. How can you go about getting rid of your flabby thighs for good?
Begin looking at what is making you fat. Your thighs is just where your body stores it’s fat, so no amount of toning exercises are going to make too much of a difference. Toning exercises will definitely serve purpose as far as toning loose muscle, but your flabby thighs won’t allow that to happen until the fat is gone. Do you drink too many soda pops? Do you eat chocolate almost everyday? Are you even the least bit physically active? We all know deep down inside what is causing us to be overweight; it is just a matter of accepting the truth.
Eating fast food everyday for lunch certainly will not do your flabby thighs any justice. Focus on elimination of your bad habits. It is simple just stop practicing them. Learn how to say, “no”. Next, think of some ways that will help you to lose weight. But, they must be healthy ways. Magic diet potions and pills can be very dangerous, and even deadly, so stay away from those. It is all about keeping it as simple as possible. Exercise is the only way to real weight loss, and even more importantly, high metabolism.
When your metabolism kicks in, it is literally like your automatic fat burning switch has been turned on. Right now as you are sitting and reading this, your fat burning switch is most likely turned off. All the while, your body is storing fat in those very noticeable places, like your thighs. If you aren’t used to exercising, then start off small. You will need to do at least 30 minutes per day ongoing physical activity. However, you do not have to do it all at one time. You might want to try breaking it up into three 10-minute sessions, or two 15-minute sessions. Whichever you can stick with the best is what will be right for you.
For toning your flabby thighs, squats are the way to go. When you perform a squat, make sure that you choose a reasonable weight that will make a difference. Let it be an amount that you can lift comfortably at least 10-12 times. For fat loss, perform your cardiovascular activity before your weight lifting sessions for better elimination of your flabby thighs.
Try not to exceed six sets per exercise to ensure that you do not overwork the muscle and cause damage. Always rest in between weight lifting workouts, and if the muscle is sore, definitely give it a few more days before working it out once more. You are going to end up with the most attractive, tight and toned thighs you could have ever imagined being a possibility if you stay consistent with your weight loss goals. You need good weight loss system that will help you to get the body you want and deserve.

Practical Weight Loss Tips for Women That Actually Work Quite Nicely

29 Mar

Have you ever asked yourself exactly why weight loss tips for women are not the same as opposed to the weight loss guidelines for males? The most important reason is the fundamental fact that womens bodies have completely different needs as compared to mens bodies, therefore burning fat is usually tougher for ladies.
A woman’s body is designed to store excess fat whenever we get pregnant, and it may possibly end up being very challenging to lose that additional weight. There are a few very important weight loss tips for women that really function to aid you in getting closer to your ideal bodyweight.

One of the more important things that you can do to help yourself lose fat is to make sensible food alternatives. If you normally have a big cup of coffee with a role every morning, instead have a cup with a single tablespoon of creamer and/or Splenda. You’ll probably be shaving off up to 350 calories from fat.
For lunchtime, in lieu of once again having a Burger King cheeseburger and onion rings, select a nutritious deli-meat wrap along with veggies with dip. Making interesting dietary substitutes is an ideal way for ladies to lose weight quicker.
You simply must workout if you want to get slimmer; unless of course you plan on being unhealthy for the remainder of your life. If you’re not building muscle, you may wind up losing their firmness and ending up with a decidedly amorphous, unappealing physique. Spend time doing exciting stuff that will melt off fat laden calories, like rollerblading and tennis.
You may even count going out dancing for an evening as workout, it really will burn a ton of calories from fat. Whatever you choose to do, the most effective weight loss tips for women is to get active and start move about. You are going to shed pounds noticeably faster by doing so.
While you probably wouldn’t consider stress as having anything at all do with weight reduction, it does. Industry professionals have discovered that too much emotional stress may well set off a specific hormone that causes tummy fat, which is something women have a problem with regardless. It is important that you discover wholesome outlets to dissipate your stress and anxiety, so that you don’t need to worry about this added problem as you are attempting to reduce weight.
Lastly, probably the most critical weight loss tips for women is to drink water. The more water you drink up the better you’ll be. Nearly all adult females needs to consume around eight glasses everyday. This will help you feel like you have a full stomach for an extended time period, preventing you against over-eating. Be sure to drink water pre and post meals, and the very first thing each morning.
Check out this video clip on weight loss tips for women for some quality guidance regarding how to lose weight naturally as well as keep it off.

6 Tips On Practical Diet for Weight Loss In Women Over 40

28 Mar

Weight loss is not impossible for women in their 40s, especially if they are aware of the challenges of this age and the steps that will help overcome them. So, if you are in the boat, you have no reason to feel disheartened. In fact, you should approach your weight loss goals with great optimism, because this is your opportunity to get back your health and your strength for all the years that lie ahead.

When you reach your 40s, you need to first accept that weight loss is not going to be as easy as it is for someone in her 20s. You will need to put in a more committed effort, because you are facing the challenges of pre-menopausal hormonal imbalances and declining muscle mass. Both these factors, linked to your age, slow down your metabolism. In this context, it is extremely essential that you control your calorie consumption, and make healthy changes to your diet that are sustainable in the long-run.
As you hit middle age, your body is no longer as efficient as it was in absorbing carbohydrate-rich or fatty foods. So, you need to slow down on fried, processed foods and sugar-intensive meals. Regular drinking is another diet roadblock that can pack on the calories without you realizing it.
For weight loss in your 40s, what you need to emphasize on is protein and fiber rich foods. The best sources of protein are lean meats, legumes and beans, egg whites, skimmed milk, low-fat dairy products, soy and nuts. As far as fiber-rich foods go, fruits and vegetables and whole grain cereals and breads are extremely essential.
The protein component in your diet will help you preserve your muscle mass and therefore your metabolism. Protein intensive foods are also filling, as a result of which you have a better chance to prevent overeating. Additionally, they take longer to break down in the digestive process, which means that your body burns more calories during digestion.
Whole grains, fruits and vegetables keep you full, and since they are low in calories, they help you control your overall calorie consumption. They also supply you with vital micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for hormonal balance and overall good health.
If you are not particularly fond of dairy, you need to be aware that you are missing out on a major calcium source. As you age, calcium is crucial to maintain your bone density. The other good sources of calcium are spinach and other leafy vegetables, beans, legumes, almonds, oranges and peas.
Finally, help yourself crack the diet myth that there is an irresolvable conflict between ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’, as far as food items go. This scary myth has made weight loss for women in their 40s a daunting prospect. There is no dearth of exciting recipes that are completely healthy as well.
Whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs in olive oil with capsicum and mushroom, oatmeal cereal with chopped fruits and nuts, low-cal muesli and fruit salad are all very tasty and extremely healthy options for breakfast. For the rest of the day, there are a range of easy to prepare cooked dishes, platters and salads. In fact, you can have a lot of fun with your food, while working towards your weight loss goals.
With these practical tips on diet for weight loss for women over 40 should no longer seem like a mountain too high.
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