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How to Guard Men’s Feet

28 Mar

Generally speaking, temperature has an intimate relationship with blood circulation. If the temperature is low, the blood circulation is low, too. Moreover, if the temperature is high, the blood circulation is the same. When people feel tired, their blood circulation will be bad. We may find some precipitations. People should wash their feet with hot water for half an hour. Thus the lactic acid in the blood may decrease. In fact, we can find abundant nerves and blood capillaries. So this behavior is good for these nerves and blood capillaries. The stimulation can reflex the layer of cerebrum and control the layer. It can improve people’s sleep and eliminate the insomnia.

Foot bath is good for the blood circulation of feet. It is good for people’s hearts and metabolism. In addition, it can adjust the main and collateral channels and blood. Then the blood circulation of head is good. The substances that the cerebrum needs can be offered. It offers the cerebrum enough oxygen and nutritious substances.
In China, many people wash their feet with hot water. Moreover, they put some traditional Chinese medicines into the water. The old like washing feet with hot water. In the winter, the old like washing feet before they sleep. They always use hot water. We know a proverb. The old people’s feet are warm enough, and they can have a healthy life. Furthermore, they must eat less. People have to limit the time of washing feet. It must be less than half an hour. Or it will influence other parts of our bodies. It is especially harmful for those old ones. Furthermore, we have to keep our eyes on one matter. If you wash your feet after your dinner, it is harmful to your body. It is bad for people’s stomachs. After a long time, the old people’s nutrition can not be offered well. After you wash your feet, you had better not sleep at once. After you wash your feet, you should massage your feet by yourself and then put on the socks. You can make yourself warm. When you do not feel so hot, you can go to bed. As for the old, the big and wooden barrel is the best choice. Old people can put the feet into the wooden barrels. Thus the feet are not controlled or restrained. Enough water should be good for the old people. The temperature of water should be about 40 centigrade. We must sure that the water is warm and put hot water into buckets at any time.
In addition, the traditional Chinese medicines may be beneficial to them. The hot water itself is good for the old men. We can put traditional Chinese medicines into the hot water, and it is very good. It is good for those old people who are sick. Moreover, for those who are healthy, the traditional Chinese medicines are useful. We can choose some simple prescripts. We use the marmites to boil the medicines and put the liquid into the buckets. Then we add the hot water and soak for 30 minutes. We can not use metal or plastic pots. If your feet are hurt, you can not use the Chinese medicines. Actually this method is only supplementary. So the old people should treat and think it correctly.
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